Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vegas, Baby!

Yes, we are still alive and well...just busy! J and I spent the last few days in Vegas sans kids thanks to Pop and Nana! Of course Jack and Henry did not care one bit that we were gone, and I managed to make it until Sunday night before I was just done and ready to go see them! The week hit full blast when we got back and we have lots going on this weekend that we have been running around like crazy trying to get ready for. (Errands in 97 degree heat in and out of stores with boys is NOT the most fun thing in the world, add a two year old fit for a sucker bigger than his head and well you have one sweaty frustrated mom and two crying babies, and that is enough to make you just go home and give up!)

Okay back to was bliss...all the time I wanted to shop, talk to J, eat a dinner that I actually remembered eating and getting to have the time to sit and enjoy it for 3 hours! Until next years kid-free vacation...I LOVED YOU!!

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