Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Henry: Month Six

Dear Henbug,

We decided that you and Jack could not both be Tootlebug, so somehow you have gotten Henbug, Lovebug, and Hen-Hen for nicknames. But don't worry we will quit calling you those before you are old enough to get mad at us for it! Jack gets in your face and says good morning good morning good morning Henbug! Its so funny and you have really started interacting with him a lot. Of course he still drives you crazy like yesterday when he tried to ride you like you were a horse!

You are so laid back, and did not cry one tear at the doctors yesterday for your shots. You are still in the 90% percentile for weight, but have slowed down lots. You weigh 20lbs 9 oz and are 27 inches long (75% percentile) You are in 12 months clothes for the most part and we have lots and lots of those, so stop growing for just a little while.

We started cereal and you were a bit hesitant, but when you tasted Applesauce you LOVED IT!! You are trying to sit up, and have a laugh that could melt the hearts of many. Gigi thinks you look like a porcelain baby, and I think I agree. I got my blue-eyed baby and I could not love you anymore! You make our days brighter and its hard to believe it has been 1/2 of a year since we brought you home from the seems like you have been here forever!

Love you more today than yesterday!!


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