Monday, June 27, 2011

Jack Lately

This post is mostly for me. If I don't start writing this stuff down, I am going to so forget it all and one day I want to laugh!

I mean I had no idea what to expect from a 2 year old little boy, but its something! He is so funny, independent and about as stubborn as they come. He will look right at you and grin this sweet I am so innocent grin and then knock his brother right in the head! He loves to dance and sing and when he learns a new song that is the only song we can sing for about 3 weeks until he discovers a new one. He loves movies and is the same way about them. Right now we watch Bee Movie about 3 times a day.

He loves school and his best little buddies Reed and Elliott. He has a new friend Emily Kathryn and she is adorable! Of course yesterday he hit her and then cried for her all afternoon. I told him she is really cute, so he better be sweet! HA! You can visit her mom's blog here. She can sew amazingly!

He loves to do karate chops on anything and everything and we must have a golf club, baseball and glove, or fishing pole to correspond to the one that is currently on the TV. He is all boy and wants to be sweaty and play outside. He is starting to loathe jon-jons and will ask for pants when I am trying to dress him! I always say, but its so cute, its so cute just wear it and Sunday night when I was dressing him for our movie date he looked right at me and said (in the most sarcastic tone) But is soooo cute!

He has a love to hate relationship with Henry. He wants him around where he can see him and does not like for anyone he does not know well to touch or hold Henry, yet he can just bop him on the head anytime he wants! He has become obsessed with Henry's baby food and wants to sit in the high chair with a bib and eat his own jar, so I let him. I decided to pick my battles with this one and just let him have it. He needs the fruits and veggies anyway!

He loves pizza, chick-fil-a, and Dr. Pepper. He wants to eat salsa with a spoon and thinks when you eat dinner at the big table with the grownups you must use a grownup knife and fork. All drinks must be in a straw cup and sour candy is a treat he loves.

He loves to wear his "scrubs" that his Grandi made him to bed and he sleeps with a stuffed Barney, a stuffed Very Hungry caterpillar over his face, 2 baby blankets, and 4 snuggles. He does not like naps and will entertain himself for hours in his room instead of napping. He loves for J to read to him and they must lay down and each hold a book.

He loves to talk on the phone and we have to call Aunt Emmy daily. He hates dogs right now and I mean HATES dogs. We have gotten used to spending lots of time in the time out corner, and when I send him there he will ask where is the spanking spoon! HA!

He loves to take a bath or shower and would probably take 10 a day if we would let him. He loves to cross his arms and bow out his chest when he is mad at you and he completes it with an eye roll and huff! (wonder where he gets that! HA! )

He is a complete mess and every day is an adventure nothing like the day before. I love him more than anything and just sit and laugh about the things he does that I would have never imagined! He is smarter than me and someday I will let him know that, but for now I will pretend to be smarter than him and take each day as it comes. Oh BOYS, and I would not have it any other way!

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