Sunday, June 26, 2011

Its Been Awhile!

I know, I know and yes I am still going to blog! Its been a crazy summer around here with lots and lots going on. We are enjoying ourselves and my three guys are keeping me busy! I have tons of pictures and lots to share, so its a long one! And no I am not trying to make you think Jack is a terrible kid, I just want to remember all the little things, because one day I will laugh!

  • We had a great Father's Day. Church, lunch, and then while J golfed Em and I took the boys to see Pop.
  • Our sweet friends were in town over the weekend. We were glad to spend some time with them and glad that they were not home when the fires hit Gulf Shores State Park so close to their house! Jack loved the extra boys to play with and it was fun to catch up over dinner!
  • 3 moms took 6 boys to play at the huge Adventure place Friday and eat Chick-fil-a. It was wild fun, but boy was I worn out afterwards.

  • This is still the sweetest baby EVER!! Okay, Jack was a good baby too, but he is making up for it in his 2's!

  • We took Jack to his 1st movie (Cars 2) last night. It was a slight disaster! The movie was odd and really had nothing to do with the 1st one. It was pouring down rain, like as in J had to dump the water out of his shoes! and we only lasted 1 hour before Jack said I just want to go home! HA!

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