Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear Henry: Month Five

Dear Henry,

YOU.MUST.STOP.GROWING!! It is killing me that another month has already passed. I think I have realized the 2nd time it only gets faster and faster. That might also have something to do with me procrastinating like crazy about moving you to your crib upstairs! You still like your Moses basket and I really like having you right there. It is also my only time each day with just you! Unfortunately I think you are going to have to move this week, or else your daddy is going to kick us both out!

No doctors visit this month, so I don't have your official weight, but my guess is 20 to 21lbs. You are a big boy and have the cutest chunky legs I have ever seen. You are filling out your 9 month clothes, and its a good thing I bought lots of 12 and 18 months for the summer!

You are still just as content as you were the day you were born. I get more comments from friends and family that you never cry, and I must say its a very rare thing. If you get really hungry or if someone (mainly a 2 year old) startles you wake.

You are rolling over both ways like crazy, however Aunt Em wants you to do it so badly for her, that every time she comes over you just stop rolling over! We have let you try out new toys this month and you LOVE them both. The exersaucer and the johnny jump up.

You are a little thumb sucker and have the biggest dark blue eyes I have ever seen. Your little rolls make me want to shower you with kisses and your laugh could melt the hearts of even the meanest! Every morning and every night your brother wants to see and kiss you before he does anything else. I think you have grown on him and he just wants to be sure you stay around! I know he annoys you all the time, but you just take it in stride. Thank goodness you are so laid back! HA!

Its easy to see how much more complete you make our family! Happy Birthday sweet boy!! We love you more than you will ever know!

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Grannie Rains said...

He is sweet, he needs to have a hug from Aunt Carolyn. Sweeter as he grows.