Friday, April 29, 2011

What to Say

I am really not sure what to say or even how to begin to describe what our state looks like at this moment. It happened just down the street from us and in all directions, and yet I still can not seem to grasp it all. It seems so trivial now that we were only without power for 1 day, or that we did not get to have a date night for John's birthday, and that instead we spent it in the basement of our sweet friends home. It seems silly to be bummed that we won't get to see J's family this weekend or take Jack to see Thomas the train, because J has been without power at work for 2 days now and he will be working all weekend to catch up! For us, there is always next week, next month, or next year to visit family and see Thomas the train, because we are all here and in one piece! Our house is fine and we can go about our business as our little world was mostly untouched.

But what I can not seem to stop thinking about are all those babies without parents now, or a mom who had her baby taken from her arms by this awful storm. J and I have been thinking and discussing how we can best use what God has given us to help. Em and I have came up with a plan for Tootlebugs to help through diapers. As a mom of two in diapers its a necessary that I take for granted, when I need them I just go get them. What about all these sweet innocent babies without diapers or formula. Can you imagine? So we are helping with the diaper drive here locally. Its not much, but its a simple thing that I can easily do to hopefully make a difference to someone who truly needs a little hope today.

But, please, please pray for our state, pray for those people who have lost everything and their worlds are completely upside down today. Pray for the leaders of our state as they make decisions, pray for all those moms and dads who can not find or talk to their college student in Tuscaloosa.

I feel so guilty to go about my day, to hold my sweet babies, and kiss their cheeks.

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