Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Ramblings

Today we were planning a date with Pop to a newish place close to home, but Pop is sick with what we are hoping is not the flu! So we opted for a lunch date with daddy and both boy's got a LONG afternoon nap, a very rare treat! I got Tootlebuging done. And as of right now, let me just say how much I am loving that Aunt Em is our new Tootlebugs helper. She is doing lots of cute stuff with vinyl and helping me with the things I do not currently have time for. Hopefully (fingers crossed) the time thing is about to get better for me in a big way!

Jack counted to 20 today. We were in the car and he started counting, which is a fairly normal thing. He usually stops right at 12, but today he just kept going. I think I squealed at him a little loudly but at least he knew I was proud! The funniest thing is that when he gets to two he says two-a, three-a, four. For some reason two and three have an extra letter in there.

J cooked dinner tonight, and I tell you that one little thing he does most nights makes me love that man a little more each time! Chicken Parm and it was yummo! Jack even ate two plates of noodles, which I had to later clean up off the floor, his clothes, the chair, my hair, the wall, etc, etc. But, hey...he ate something besides fruit snacks, so I will take it.

I was going to be in bed by 9:00 at the latest. If I hurry I might make it before 10!

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