Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pop Playdate!

Pop and I had planned a play date for Tuesday since jack doesn't have MDO, but Pop got sick so we decided to give it a try today. We had planned to go to a fun place in town that has go carts, bowling, a big tree house, and plenty of arcade games. I had gotten the Groupon for it and Sara Ann did too. They were going to meet us, but I messed up!

I did not think to call ahead and when we got there at 10am...not open until 12pm!! She did not want to mess up naptime, but since Jack is not a good napper anymore I decided what the heck! We ran some errands for Pop and then some for me too.

And it was so WONDERFUL to have help. We grabbed some b-b-q and ice cream for lunch and headed back to play. Jack had a blast and even talked Pop into climbing up the huge kiddy tree house. Henry just chilled and watched it all!

We got home in time for a quick nap and a sampling of all the sweet treats Nana sent. Tomorrow is school YEA! And I have a monogramming appointment and then I MUST get some work done before the weekend.

And by the way, how cute are matchy-matchy outfits on the boys?
I think I am obsessed!

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