Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Already?

How can it already be Thursday? I still have not accomplished everything on my list for the week, and its already Thursday! Oh, well I have had fun playing with two cute boys and I have even taken pictures every day with the intent of blogging every night. I did good on Monday! Maybe next week will be better! We are planning to play outside with our friends today and hit up the grocery store if everyone cooperates today, and right now with a 2 year old (who is sitting in time out as I am typing this) its very touch and go!! HA!

He is officially (I think) giving up his nap time. I still make him go to his room every afternoon for about an hour, but he finds whatever he can to play with including the big and very cute red painted H he had (notice the had) hanging above one of his twin beds. It was broken into two pieces and being used as drumsticks!! The golf clubs are now hidden so he can not golf his dresser! Oh My! Its never a dull moment around here...EVER!!

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