Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Monday

We got to hang out at home this weekend... because it was Masters weekend! But we did enjoy the weather, play in the water, and grill some yummies!

I tried to get pictures of the boys on Sunday morning before church because they looked sooo stinking cute, but Henry needed to be fed, Jack did not want to be messed with. You know typical Sunday mornings! The ladies in the nursery are in love with Henry. He really is the most pleasant little thing. He looks like me and is laid back and easy going like J. Jack looks just like J, but has my personality all over! We had 40 people join our church on Sunday. Is that not crazy? Our newish pastor is really loved and WOW! That is really all I have.

Today was MDO and work for me. I have been working on my "work" schedule and trying to find a happy balance as a work at home mom. It has taken some time, but we are there and it makes me so happy! Tootlebugs is fun and provides me and outlet to meet new people and keep my mind active! HA! I just needed to accept that it is okay to work and stay home too. I lucky am I??

Jack was all about cheesing for the camera this morning, and from this look, I should have known he was going to get into something at school today, and he did!

I got the johnny jump up out for Henry today and he liked it. He was a little unsure, but he laughed and stayed content in there for awhile. Jack LOVED that thing and would even go to sleep in it. We will see if that happens!

And, yes I plan on matching outfits as much as I can this summer, while Jack is still little enough to not mind! Thanks our Grandi for Henry's jon-jon and Jack's shorts! Are they not cute?

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