Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to School

Yesterday was Jack's 1st day back at MDO and he was more than ready to go!
This is his new favorite place to have breakfast and watch Toy Story while I get ready and get Henry ready!

He got dressed with no fuss (which can be a HUGE challenge these days) and even walked to the garage and stood by the car until I put him in. We all managed to make it out of the house dressed and on time! YEA!

Then I took my chunky monkey to run a few errands and have a lunch date with J. He was a great errand runner and only cried one time. We managed to time feedings just right other than the quick one we had to have during the carpool line! (This nursing is a whole new thing for me since Jack was not a good nurser) Henry loves to eat and at 12lbs I guess you can see that!

Tonight is J's work Christmas party, so Aunt Em is coming to hang out with Jack. We are taking Henry with us, just so we don't overwhelm her with two just yet! We like our babysitter, so we have to be kind!

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