Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Totally Random

Yesterday and today have been very eventful around here, so I will start with yesterday 1st!

I got both boys dressed and that included Henry getting his 1st real bath

since his button had fallen off and in cute Christmas clothes

and even managed to make cute little reindeer cookies

(which Jack politely told me were nasty!) AND I even got them both down for a nap around the same time and then Jack woke up with a fever (again) of 103.3. So I called the peds office and got him in this morning. I was just sure it was the flu and praying very hard with a newborn that it was not the flu. Thankfully in was not, but the doctor thought it was RSV which is about 10 times worse than the flu. When she said we are going to give him a breathing treatment, an RSV test, and then we will get a plan together since you have a 3 week old! I really started crying and praying! Thankfully the RSV test was neg, but we had to take a 20 min. breathing treatment at the doctors and then we were sent home with cough medicine, breathing treatments, and instructions to keep him totally away from Henry (ummm, okay because that is so easy with one mom at home!) J will be home tomorrow so that will help and hopefully Jack will start feeling better before Christmas. I really wanted to at least get out to get Santa pictures.

Then, J's dad has gotten sick with the shingles so that meant we won't get to see them or J's sister and her family either. We are bummed because we were looking forward to our time with them and now I am just tired of sickness, I am totally thinking my next baby is going to be born in June NOT December! I am praying everyone is well soon, so we can visit them before Henry changes too much!

Needless to say today, no cute Christmas clothes only sweatpants around here and hopefully lots of rest!

Now for the fun of yesterday...

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me....

nothing cures a bad day like a resse's and new hairspray! (if you know me well at all then you know this just about sums it up. I could never, ever, ever, ever live without hairspray)


Grannie Rains said...

Sorry Christmas plans are not going well for you all. I love the pictures of Henry. I do want to see him before he gets too old.
We are going to be in Albertville for Christmas
Merry Christmas.
Love, The Rains.

Angie said...

Hang in there! Sickness is just a part of parenthood that we all wish we could avoid. We are thinking of you all this Christmas. Enjoy the time together as a family....sick or not! As Mom keeps telling me in this stressful situations, one day you will look back on this and laugh.