Thursday, December 16, 2010

Catching Up!

Let me just say that having a baby in December is one good way to make you totally crazy!! Thankfully for the most part I planned ahead and had most everything done! My tree is finally up and decorated (thank you mom!) and all the gifts are bought and will be wrapped today while Jack is with his Pop. (thank you pop!) I also planned to blog everyday this week since we had some fun things going on, and well lack of sleep, a two year old getting adjusted to his big bed,

etc, etc just sort of got in the way, so we will just catch up today.

My mom came up on Sunday night and stayed with me until Tuesday afternoon. I was so glad to have her help and we got lots done. I even managed to not cry when she left this time. (I cried for hours when she left after Jack was born) I guess the 2nd time around you are more at ease. It also helps that Henry is over 2lbs bigger than Jack was and that we escaped a NICU stay.

We (or should I say I) decided that it would be fun to decorate a gingerbread house with Jack! Well, not so much. A trip to Wal-Mart and $9 later we had this...

which ended in this...

that is Gigi trying to fix a very broken gingerbread house and Jack just content to eat all of the candy decorations! So needless to say after icing did not work, hot glue was a disaster, we opted to let Jack eat the candy and the gingerbread house made its way to the garbage can.

We managed to get all of that cleaned up just in time for my sweet friends from my working days to stop by and meet Henry. They got to come to the hospital when Jack was born, but missed Henry's birth due to a family death, so we were glad they got to stop by Tuesday and visit. Jack LOVES Sharon, and was not at all happy about her holding Henry!

Gosh he looks just like Jack in this picture with lots and lots more hair.

Yesterday Aunt Em took off work early so we could finish up some Christmas gifts that she needed me to make and that allowed John and I to run to school for Jack's Christmas party.

I left fed Henry and left him with Em while we partied with 8 two year olds. Of course as soon as Jack saw us he was ready to go and started saying bye Jay, bye Abby, bye Ms. we got all of his goodies, wished his teachers a merry Christmas, grabbed some b-b-que for lunch and headed home!

Jack is with Pop today and it is finally warmer here, but pouring rain. There is some flu going around so Henry and I are hanging out at home! J brought me lunch and I finally got a shower about 1pm, but I would not trade this day for anything!

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