Monday, November 15, 2010

Party Weekend

We partied for Pop's birthday on Sunday at our house. We dined on yummy chili, 7-layer dip, and blue (yes I said that right) velvet cake. Jack was in rare form due to all that lack of attention! HA! He was dressed much cuter in a Tootlebugs creation until a major blowout and naptime led us to the sweatpants and tee shirt that some how managed to make an appearance in all the pictures.

Two of our favorite friends from J's hometown visited us this weekend, of course preggo brain is the excuse for not taking any pictures, but we had a great time and Randall and her mom brought my favorite artichoke dip and sweet tea! Randall gives Milo's tea a run for their money and let's just say the artichoke dip didn't last two days around our house and we can not wait for them to come back and visit baby Henry.

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