Friday, January 15, 2010


  • Have I mentioned that my heart is dying wanting to have these even though they were considered one of the worst fashion trends of the last decade and that skinny jeans are not going on my body!
  • Jack has FOUR, yes, FOUR molars coming in all at the same time making for some less-than-pleasant days around our house, but how can you not still smile at that face?
  • I called my sweet mom yesterday and begged her to spend her one little hour lunch (to which she agreed without any hesitation because moms are the best!) looking for some red corduroy fabric because I can not find any and I need a mere 2 inches for this applique that I will have for Jack's Valentine's Day outfit to match red corduroy pants. After all he can only wear a cutesy red heart for a girly holiday while he is still so little and cute, right?
  • For some silly reason I feel it very necessary to take a shower, put on make-up, and fix my hair only to go sweat with Sara Ann while we attempt to walk 4 miles in the mornings. And I am still having a hard time convincing myself that it is okay to wear yoga pants all day when my 16- month-old's crumbs, boogers, and milk are going to somehow land on my clothes no matter what I am wearing!
  • We are "supposed" to not give Jack a bottle anymore because he is "too old" He does not care about it really, but sometimes after his nap I still "sneak" one in just so I can hold him like a baby for those few quiet minutes.
  • Jack already has four Christmas outfits for next year. And yes, I am fully aware that Christmas was less than 30 days ago. (My mom and sister can be partly to blame)
  • We have planned a little trip to the coast to visit Jack's Grandi, Grandaddy, Aunt Tanner, Uncle Bo, and Hampton in early Feb. I will even admit that I selfishly agreed to switch the weekend we are going not because Hampton's other grandparents were going to be in town and that would be too much for one weekend, but because I really don't want to go when they are there.... in that would mean actually having to share Hampton with them.
  • For some unknown reason I visit Jack's closet almost daily, just to browse and secretly wish that I had that many cute clothes in my closet AND someone to dress me every day.
  • No, I am not muttering ugly thoughts under my breath about this pre-historic computer that we have had since before J started law school and wishing that he would just come home with one of those cute little notebooks.
  • I recently decided to keep my blog and Tootlebugs monogramming business separate. I created a FB fan page to house all of my appliques, fonts, and my price list. I have had a good response in the two days it has been up. I like being able to earn some money and it is something I really enjoy and can do around Jack's sleeping schedule! Visit me there sometime.
Well, I think that just about sums up every little detail of everything that is going on it our world these days. Oh, and we are so ready for Spring!

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