Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh Bananas

Well, we did actually not eat any of the bananas, but we did wear our monkey outfit and wait patiently in a long line of some not-so-happy children to see Curious George on Saturday.

And since it was a dreary, rainy day around here, it was a very good thing that we had planned to take Jack to see Curious George and The Man in Yellow Hat at our local children's science center.

Jack loves to watch George on television and he liked Santa, so we figured he would like it, and he did! He wanted me to sit with him at first, but warmed up rather quickly and even gave a few hi-fives!

We were pleasantly surprised at how much Jack liked the science center and even more impressed at all it had to offer! I think we will be spending more cold and rainy days there.

Jack's granddaddy's will be very proud to know that he was most impressed with the golf course and the fish! But, we managed to get him away from those two things to also play trains, touch the sharks and sting rays, and look at all the dinosaur bones.
even do a little mechanic work!

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