Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Round Two

I don't know what Sara Ann and I were thinking, but taking a 15-month-old and 19-month-old into "big" church on Christmas Eve, was not a good idea! Needless to say we ended up with VERY angry baby when we picked him up from the nursery!

But have no fear, he quickly got over it when we got to the Oatridge's house for yummy gumbo and red velvet cupcakes.

(Jack thought one was not enough, and Reed did not like that!)

We opened presents, visited with "Uncle" Matt, and played in the bath tub with Reed after indulging in cupcakes.

After dinner we rushed home to change into our Christmas pj's and put out the milk and cookies for Santa before Jack headed to bed. He did not want to share the cookie with Santa and made sure to let me know by pitching a large fit right in the middle of the family room.

After Jack was quiet and snug in bed, J and I played Santa and exchanged gifts while laughing at Christmas Vacation.

Santa's come! (And all this does not even include everything else we got from grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends!)

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