Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our 1st Emergency Room Visit....What???

Jack is all boy, and we learned that very quickly today with our 1st trip for stitches! It only took 13 months! HA! (I am really okay about it now and can make a joke. Earlier today..not so much!)

He is just not steady on those little feet and fell right into the corner of his wooden toy cube. He hit it just right! After a lot of blood, a panicked call to daddy, a trip to his Peds office, then to the Children's Hospital ER he is peacefully sleeping. And don't worry I took pictures!

Waiting for mommy to talk to the doctor's office...

Not happy about that pink band aid or having to wait on the ER doctor...

After the sweet nurse gave him tons of stickers, hugs, and paraded him around the ER so all the doctors could see how cute she thought he was, he finally went to sleep in the car...HAPPY!

I will be okay if we don't have to do that again for a LONG TIME!!

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Andria said...

OH gosh, I'm glad he's ok, i'm sure that it won't slow him down much. I can't believe he got stiches! I hope he heals up fast, and hope your heart is ok. give him a get well kiss from me!