Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Busy Little Bees

See he is all boy...already back at it playing with the $10 toy that will probably end up costing $300, so I am glad he still likes it! No swelling and a good nights sleep, he was back at it today and my heart is getting back to normal too!

Can you tell by his pj's what I have been up too?? (We had to have something to practice on) Here is the few things I have done since I got my embroidery machine--which I heart more than anything AND have the best husband for buying me something that he had NO idea would keep me up until midnight most nights! And I thought I might need some evidence as to why I say I have no time for blogging anymore.


MrsHonea said...

These look great! Is it hard? I can't sew a button on a shirt!

Love, Bria and Lucas said...

You're a natural! They look awesome! Hope your little one is doing better, I can't believe we haven't made that trip yet!