Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

It seems as though I only have time these days for one hobby, and blogging has not been a top priority. I think it has a little do with not having enough time and a lot to do with feeling like I just need to focus on Jack. We started this blog as a way to record our memories and adventures for us and we are glad that you have decided to stop by and check up on us when you can. Forgive me if I don't blog everyday, I am trying! (Don't want the Grandparents to get upset about not seeing Jack's picture enough!-Just kidding-We love that you want to see that sweet boy!)

With that said this is what happened at our house today...

  • I decided to get my feet really wet with my new monogramming machine and did this. This was a practice round, and I am going to do it again on a brown and white gingham longall for Jack.
  • I monogrammed Jack some pjs.
  • Jack decided that he did not care that the VOLS were defeated Saturday he wanted to support them anyway!

  • We visited Fresh Market just to get some Halloween pretzels and smell the yummy fall smells.
  • I actually cooked a dinner of chicken potstickers and dirty rice. (Yummy!)
  • J got home early from work, which was a nice surprise.

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Emily said...

I miss my little chunky monkey!!!