Thursday, September 24, 2009

More Birthday Celebrating!!

We have had birthday fun all week at our house since Jack and I have birthdays only a few days apart. DH was awesome this birthday and even sent me flowers on baby boy's birthday just to tell me that I am an awesome mom. How sweet is that? AND he bought me this...

Now I will be able to put adorable monograms and appliques on EVERYTHING!!! Add some totally cute shoes from DH, purse from my mom and a now much needed GC to the fabric store from my in-laws and I think I am set!!

But I know you really don't care about all that because what you really want to see is the rest of the birthday party pics. Jenny took over 500, so here are some of my favorites. I am especially fond of the ones we had done of Jack with all of his great-grandparents that are living. They are all in their 80's and that is something to cherish!

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Tabatha said...

What type of embroidery machine is that? Happy Birthday!!!