Monday, September 28, 2009

Grease is the word

We had a very fun weekend, or it was for me at least! John got to babysit Saturday while I finished celebrating with these 2 girls the end of Birthday week!

We had a blast at Grease and then out for our favorite dinner of Sushi!

I think John was worn out (so worn out that he sent Jack with Shan to meet us for sushi and he stayed home!) Jack was very whiny, but it did make John quickly point out that he had no idea how I got anything done all day long!! I think I will let him babysit some more so he will continue to remember that! HA!

So to be fair I took Jack yesterday and we met up with Aunt Em for some shopping time! Jack was great and Em and I found some cute stuff. I was on the search for some cute orange and blue for this weekend's trip! (Any guesses??)

We have lots to do today! Happy Monday!

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