Monday, August 3, 2009

Yes, We are still here!

I know you are probably thinking I left the blog world, but we are still around.

We have had so much going on the last week and I just decided that as much as I love you following what is going on with our family of three, they are the most important thing to me and therefore they have to come 1st!

So here is what we are up too.

The BIG NEWS is that Baby Boy has 4 (yes that is right) of these coming in. We have waited a long 10 months just to be surprised and have 4 come in at one time. All those wonderful nights of sleep we have become so accustomed too are quickly becoming a distant memory!

My BFF since 3rd grade that you will remember from here is in town for a week and we have made the most of our time since we miss them so much! Their sweet baby Will is coming in January so we have spent lots of time shopping for bedding, furniture, and clothes of course. Oh we even spent a few HOURS my new favorite store Swaddle. It is awesome and the girls there are so sweet. They ALWAYS make over us when we go in and hug us like we are family. I am currently in love with this for Jack's room. (I am working on John since its a little pricey)

We spent part of the week getting ready for a big yard sale at Sara Ann's and I am so glad we went to the trouble. Waking up at 5am was worth the $$ we all made, plus we got to have Aunt Emmy spend the night!

Having to be out of our house for a couple of hours on Sunday made us decide to take a last minute trip( and I mean very last minute) to TN to visit friends.

Which turned into a little longer than planned trip since baby boy was on the very grumpy side! The good part was we got extra time to play, a day off with Daddy, See Shan's kids get ready for their 1st day of school, shop (for Jack of course), see Shan's new house, have 3 kids to play with Jack and get Sonic Diet Cherry Limades! (We miss not having one)

We still have a couple of very busy days ahead with catching up from an unplanned trip, but tomorrow night is girls night out and John is babysitting!! Yea for a wonderful daddy.

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