Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not shoeless anymore!

We finally did it... Jack got his 1st 2 pairs of shoes yesterday!

We visited "the place" for children shoes in our town because we knew baby boy's foot was a little wide and well you can't buy wides just anywhere much less EXTRA WIDE. (yes the tiny little thing is an extra wide) John picked a these shoes from Simple I did finally agree that they were cute on. I so wanted little navy, red, or khaki keds, but his foot was too wide. The workers at the store were so sweet and politely told me that there was NO reason to buy tennis shoes for a baby who wears smocked clothes ALL THE TIME, so that ruled out my 2nd choice of grey new balance and we got sweet daddy's pick!

I picked out the little white leather Keds. (Big surprise, right?) He was so funny and would not put his foot down and kept trying to grab the laces. It is going to be a big adjustment, but we had to do something before we starts walking well. (I still love a little barefoot baby!)

They took his picture in his 1st shoes. So cute!!

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