Monday, August 24, 2009

Guess What

  • It is almost football time in TN (and AL too, but if you know my husband you know how much he loves TN football, and well all SEC football for that matter) I scored this adorable monogrammed bib on Ebay for Jack for an unbelievable $.99. Is that not crazy? And it came in the mail today!!
  • Emily has been begging me for a month or so to go garage selling with her on a Saturday morning, so I did this weekend. We decided to hit up the "Tiny Kingdom" and I scored all these adorable smocked clothes for Jack (some are a little big, but we'll save them!) And for all of you (you know who you are) that LOVE to make fun of me for putting Jack in smocked clothes everyday. When they are $5 to $8 each, why not?? That is a better bargain than buying clothes from Wal-Mart or Target!
  • I got this precious wagon that has seat belts, cup holders, and was brand new for $19 at the same garage sale. BTW, these are about $139 online. I had been thinking of getting him one for awhile, but did not know how much we would use it. Well this solved the problem. Pop and Aunt Emmy even got to take him for his 1st ride Sunday night which he loved!
  • I got a sweet card in the mail today from a childhood friend and her mom. It had a GC to one of my most favorite secret places to shop for Jack! They have the BEST deals, but you have to get lucky and catch them because they sell out super fast.
  • I have sewing class tomorrow night and finally get to put Jack's jon jon together. Is is going to be sooo precious. It is reversible and with a little help from Jenny it now has some precious appliques on each side! I promise to show you the finished product soon!
  • Jack and I enjoyed the beautiful weather today at the zoo. We talked around for a couple of hours and he watched everything! We even took another walk this afternoon. You can not waste a beautiful day!

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Grannie Rains said...

I love your Blog. I didn't realize that you were a SAHM. Good for you. Jack will thank you later...

Love, Carolyn