Friday, August 21, 2009

11 Months Old

It is so amazing that I am actually writing your 11 month old post. It seems like such a big milestone since in only four short weeks you will be ONE! I have definitely put my running shoes on this month!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

A favorite from when you were born.
(This was taken the day you came home from the NICU)

My favorite picture of you this month

At 11 months you:
  • Weigh approx 22lbs
  • You wear 9 month clothes and some 12 month
  • You have gotten your 1st 4 teeth all in one month! 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom
  • You are crawling so fast
  • You have discovered that we have stairs in our house
  • You love to play in the dishwasher
  • You think it is so funny to stand at the shower door while daddy takes his morning shower and you just talk away to him (I know that is the mental picture people want -JHH)
  • You can stand at my bath tub and turn the water on.
  • You have found the on/off button for the TV (Much to the regret of Jack's father - JHH)
  • You still put everything in your mouth and it is a good thing I am an extreme housekeeper, otherwise there is no telling what you might have eaten
  • You have realized that daddy leaves us in the mornings and you do not like it
  • You have decided you don't need a nap
  • You LOVE bath time and it is so much fun to watch you play in the bath
  • You ate jello for the 1st time that your great-gran made as a special treat. You loved it.
  • You learned to say Pop, but you do not say it much
  • You have learned the word NO and are very good about minding for the most part!
  • You are the happiest and most wonderful natured baby
  • You love to eat and will only eat things that you can feed yourself

Love you more than you will never know sweet boy!

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