Sunday, July 19, 2009

We Need a Bigger Garage!

Well, let's see, where do I start..or should I???

My mom came on Friday and we left as soon as she got out of the car to rush over to Sam's so that Emily would have food for all the company staying with her while Kyle's aunt is here in the hospital, made a quick trip to Chick-fil-a (since I am having withdrawals while the one on my side of town is closed for THREE WEEKS for renovations), and then to Target for one more pillow for my upstairs that I am re-doing. All that running around (not to mention all Jack and I had done earlier that day) made for one sleepy boy who slept until 8:30 Saturday morning!! Not a normal occurrence in our house. And secretly I was wishing he would have picked another day since my mom was willing to get up with him! ha!

We also missed John's Dad who passed through town Friday night while we were out. However, I think they enjoyed a Bar-B-Que dinner even without us!

We shopped and shopped Saturday and stopped here for some baby bites, which are the most amazing little pieces of HEAVEN you will ever place in your mouth, came home to a sweet daddy who was in the kitchen making shrimp salad, homemade salsa, and Texas caviar. AND then this happened...

Yep, that is my car stuck to the side of our house! 1 tow truck + several $$ later, my car is now off the side of the house and the garage door is working. Looks like I will spend tomorrow getting repair estimates! And I am sure we looked super classy pulling up to the zoo today (located in the wealthiest Southern suburb)in my banged up car! No one was hurt and it can be fixed, so all you can do is laugh!

We also won't mention that my "PERFECT" angel of a child had the biggest meltdown EVER in the middle of a restaurant during Sunday lunch rush today and that it looked a little like this...

Nor will we mention that the oh-so-nice-nosy (note the sarcasm) gentleman at the table beside us turned to me after all was calm while I was trying to feed my child a bottle one-handed, eat my lunch with the other hand, and stop sweating from embarrassment to state that the bottle finally shut him up. Boy, he did not know who he was messing with and I thought my mom would crawl under the table for fear that I was about to tackle him! I didn't.

I think I need a nap!

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