Monday, July 20, 2009

Playdate, Laundry and Temper Tantrums

A couple of days ago, Andria, who I have been friends with since 7Th grade came by with her adorable Madelyn. Jack was completely mesmerized by her. I am not sure if it was that she is a girl and we don't see many little girls (all 9 friends that have had babies or are expecting in the last year have or are having boys!)or if she was so cute he could not stop staring! She wanted to hold Jack and kept saying look baby. Andria and I got to catch up which we don't get to do often, converse about all the children's places to shop, and even reminisce a little too.

Today Jack and I did LOTS of this,

went on our weekly grocery shopping trip, and I finally realized what the temper tantrums are all about. The child refuses to eat any more baby food! I guess he is content to just gum people food to death since he still has NOT ONE SINGLE TOOTH! I was beginning to worry about those tantrums and what they could possibly be about. He is such a good baby. Can that change overnight?

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MrsHonea said...

LOL laughing that you said "people food" as if your baby isn't a person. I'm not making fun, I've totally done that before too. If Jack has been gumming table food, then baby food probably tastes very bland. I would just start smashing everything yall eat and letting him eat along with you. And yes, unfortunately, I believe tantrum stage CAN start overnight. He's getting close to toddler age and that just happens to be a part of the plan. :)