Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finally Back with Wonderful News!

Jack and I are back and although we had a great time, there is NOTHING in this world like your own bed!

The Rutlands are doing great. We got to see their new home, eat yummy seafood, watch Parker Alan play with Jack, shop and WE GOT SOME GREAT NEWS!!!

On January 1st 2010 a new

will join the Rutland family! After several years of waiting and praying Stephanie and Micheal are finally going to get what they have so patiently waited for. I am so excited and if I only knew what the sex of the baby was I would be out shopping! (I am also hoping this new baby doesn't give me the bug again. (so soon!) HA!

Now on to Jack news. We have finally decided the Bumbo is getting harder and harder to use with an 8 month old. I think he is going to flip himself out of it soon, so we have moved into this.

AND he loves it. Isn't he so cute eating his breakfast this morning?

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Steph said...

awe!!! that's sweet! I always love reading your post. you couldn't have said it more pefectly! oh, you'll get the bug...i sure did, especially after I saw that sweet baby boy. he reminded me of 3 years earlier when i held parker alan in my arms for the first time and just melted! well, soon enough we will find out boy or girl! 12 weeks and counting...can you believe. my time does fly! i rescheduled for july 2, so if you are in town, maybe you can buzz by (promise you won't have to stay 3 hours)! keep praying for that little's gotten us this far! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you bunches! don't know what i'd do without you!