Thursday, January 2, 2014

December Happenings

  Since its January let's discuss the December happenings! We had our last Christmas get together yesterday, so I think I better start posting before I forget all we did!

 The weekend after Thanksgiving a local children's shop does Santa pictures. They do the best job at getting the kids in and out and they have the best looking Santa I have ever seen! The boys have always loved Santa and Jack knew exactly what we wanted and wrote his own letter and even wrote a letter for Henry. They both were very specific about what they wanted this year and they both only asked for 1-2 things.

As for Maggie Kate, she is not a fan of Santa at all! And the poor Santa didn't want to make her mad and she is so tiny that I think he was afraid he would hurt her, so he kept putting her down as soon as she cried. It was so funny and I finally got a crying kid Santa picture!

Gigi was in town and came with us and I was glad she got to see it. We kept asking MK do you like Santa and she would yell NO. She still says NO SANTA NO SANTA all the time!

Here are some of my favorite pictures!

Henry's list:Hulk People
Jack's List: dragon that has wheels for his ninja castle, mike the knight people and Jake people
MK's list (per the boys): a baby doll and stroller

Henry's favorites: hulk socks, minion underwear and super hero story book
Jack's favorites:nerf bow and arrow and puffy vest with his monogram (because Ms. Claus monograms! HA!)
MK's favorites: the wrapping paper and her Vera Bradley bear

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