Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Jack!!

I can not believe that this little boy who made me a mommy is 5!!! It seems like 5 is such a big age and I can not believe that he is mine and has been for 5 whole years! 

I love that this boy looks like his Daddy and acts just like his Mommy. I love that he likes everything in lines and thinks that everything has a place. I love that he hates blue jeans and thinks that cute shirts are still cool. I love his big brown eyes and I love how excited he gets when he scores a soccer goal and that he even does a dance on the field. I love how much he loves his brother and sister and how much he helps me everyday! I love that he loves school and thinks that turning 5 makes you the kid boss. I love that he thinks popcorn and cupcakes are a healthy dinner. I love that he has that one special friend that he as known as long as he has been alive. I love that he thinks everyone is his friend and he never meets a stranger. I love that he has an Aunt Emmy that lets him call her every single day even if its just to say hi and then there is silence. I love that he knows he is loved by so many people and I love that he is mine!! 

Happy Birthday to my 1st Tootlebug!!! Love you more than you know!!!

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