Monday, August 19, 2013

Planes and Drive Ins

  The weather here has been so weird and mostly rainy! I can not remember a summer where it rained so much and the high in August was in the 70's. Has that ever happened in Alabama?

The boys have LOVED the movies this summer! I took Jack on a date to the movies and they went almost every week to the kids day movie. They love the popcorn and the big screen. They have been dying to see turbo and planes. We have not made it to Turbo yet, but we decided to try the drive in Friday night for Planes! The rain had let off so we met the Oatridges for dinner before the movie. (the bacon cheesybread with ranch=AMAZING!!!) and then we headed to the drive in!

The boys (all 4 of them) were wild! They didn't know what to think and they ate way to many M&Ms and popcorn, talked to loud, laughed to loud, and ran around too much BUT they loved the movie!

We will definitely try the drive in again soon! And Old Town Grille!

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