Monday, July 8, 2013

Maggie Kate 9 Months


I can not believe we are already at another month!! Your daddy and I were just talking about how fast time is passing with you! I don't know how it could possibly go any faster!

You are almost standing and crawling everywhere like a champ! You can say Ma-ma and you know who your asking for when you say it!

You are an itty bitty girl weighing 17lbs 8oz (20%) and a little bit short like your mommy at 26 inches (6%)

Everyday with you is fun because you just love life and love everyone. You are so so happy all the time!

You are wanting to eat table food all the time and still nurse about 4 times a day with your night feeding lasting for what seems like hours!!!

We love you so much Sunshine!!!

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Grannie Rains said...

I was saying the same thing. 9 Months and i haven't gotten to hold her yet.