Thursday, June 6, 2013

Maggie Kate 8 Months

Sweet girl you have accomplished so so much this month! You have finally decided that maybe sitting up isn't that bad and that you might actually prefer it. You also thought it would be funny to show out for your daddy and sit up for him even though I had patiently been waiting for days and weeks to see you flip up on your own!
You are eating so well. You love baby mum mums and you think table food is sooo much better than baby food even if you only have two teeth.  
You are sleeping all night from about 8-5:30, but you are not a napper. You prefer one-three cat naps a day and then your ready to go again.
You are soooo happy and love to smile and laugh. You think your brothers and your daddy are amazing, but its obvious when you want your mommy.
Everyone comments on your eyelashes and says that your itty bitty.
You sure make me smile everyday and I love you more than you know happy girl!!

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