Monday, June 3, 2013


  I am not a great blogger, so lets just recap the last week or so in one big post, well mostly pictures!

My best friend growing up has the sweetest sister in the world! They just moved right down the road from us on Saturday and MK is so excited to have a little girl around and the feeling is mutual!

We spent lots of time at the park and took a little trip to Ijump last week!

 MK threw her first fit. I mean like screaming, kicking mad fit! Of course we were in the middle of Target too! I had to take a picture because she rarely, I mean rarely even cries.

 We have become super hero obsessed!!! Jack and Henry can not get enough and Jack is AMAZED that his dad played super heros. He calls him at work to ask him super hero questions. 

 The boys had a spend the night party with Aunt Em on Saturday night! They had a blast and so did we! It was sooo nice to have a break since they don't happen very often around here!

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