Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

  J's birthday was Saturday and he wanted to escape to TN for the weekend to hang out at the Downs'  house! We rushed around on Friday (his crazy time at work is month ends) and headed out of town by 5:45, but Henry got sick so we had to turn around and come home to clean out the car and wash car seats. We have learned that Henry does not stomach strawberries, but he had not had any that day so we think he may get car sick, so we moved him to the seat in the middle and so far so good!

We hung out at the Downs, ate way to much yummy food and birthday cake, and then on Sunday we have the best time visiting with J's family at his grandparents house. It was pouring rain the whole day but the boys had the best time anyway. The Grandmother even made them chicken legs or chicken bones as Jack calls them and macaroni and cheese! 

Jack wants to live at Aunt Shan's because they have the best house and Henry cried when he woke up and realized we were back at our house! HA!

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