Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

  We had a great Easter this year! We hunted eggs, had fun with our besties, spent Easter with our favorite Aunt Em and Pookie and ate WAY to much candy!!

Jack sort of understood what Easter was about this year and that was fun. I put MK in the nursery for the first time on Easter Sunday. She did fine, but I think Sara Ann and I both cried in our pew! She is our last baby of the bunch...its sad! 

I think Aunt Em won the award for the best Easter basket treats and Gigi wasn't far behind with her candy! Jack Henson loves some candy! Henry was in LOVE with his Deigo underwear, now lets just hope he decides to use it soon :)

It was a fun day, we are just glad that Easter is later next year so we can have some warm weather!!

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