Friday, March 8, 2013

Maggie Kate Month 5

Oh my I am at a loss for words this month! You have changed so much!!

You are playing and interacting with your brothers, the TV, playing in your excersaucer, sitting with us at dinner in your bumbo seat and you want to sit up and see what is going on all the time!

You weigh almost 15lbs and you still have long arms, fingers and feet. You have the most AMAZING set of eyelashes and I hope you get to keep them forever! 

You have discovered those cute bows on top for your head and you like to pull them off. Of course the best part of that is that we had to move up from the baby bows so you couldn't swallow them. Yay for bigger bows! I love a bow on you!!

You get to celebrate your first Easter this month, move to your own bed (I know your brothers had to cry it out long before now, but your the baby) and you have to go to the church nursery soon! I am not excited about the last two, but can't wait for the first!

You are so loved and our happy little joy!! We love you more than you will ever know Sweet girl and your big brother told me yesterday that he had you in his heart...never forget that my love!!

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