Friday, March 1, 2013


  It was truly the shortest month ever! I am really not sure where it went and so quickly! I have not been a good blogger since MK was born, but let's recap Heart Month so we don't forget!

In February we celebrated Aunt Em's birthday with sushi girls night and yummy steaks and Olexas Cake while Gigi was in town.

The Downs FINALLY got to come visit for the day and we were so glad because we were having MAJOR withdrawals

I survived my first Giggles and Grace sale at church as head co-chair. It was so rewarding and so tiring all at the same time. 

We survived having Chick-fil-a closed for a ENTIRE month for a remodel. I can not wait to get my hands on a Dr. Pepper and chicken minis

 MK tired cereal, rolled over, tried the excersaucer, and discovered praise baby DVDS

We had pj day at school and watched more Dora and Rug-rats than I care to remember

We had our first bout of sickness this week with Jack(hand foot and mouth) and MK (croup) 

Tootlebugs hit some big milestones

Our dishwasher died, but I was happy to spend the $$ for a new one since I use it at least twice a day!

Jack had his first communion and sat through big church for Ash Wednesday service.

J agreed to teach our SS class this next study. I am proud of him.

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