Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blog Wisdom

  I barely have time to keep this blog up much less read other blogs, but today while nursing MK I decided to catch up on my blog reading.  Today this blog post stood out to me so much. Mostly because I am so guilty of this. I tend to buy into others snide comments and remarks about my children and worry that somehow others see me as not doing it "right." J and I also struggled with this over the last year with our home. We have a nice home in a nice area, a home that a lot of people would be overjoyed with. Yes our boys have to share a room, we have no yard, and I have to work in the same space as our playroom. It took some time but we finally realized that it doesn't matter and if our house didn't sell before MK was born so what. She is 5 months old and doesn't sleep in her room anyway! You see most nights we find our boys in the same bed even though they each have their own beds. We have lots of sweet friends with yards to play in and about 15 parks within a couple of miles of our house. 

Our three littles have more than they could ever want and they also have two parents who they know love them more than life. They love each other, their friends and they know that Jesus loves them. So maybe I don't do things the way my best friend does or the way another family member or a neighbor does but who cares! We are all great parents in our on way!!

So take 5 minutes and read this blog post! Its totally worth it!

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