Tuesday, February 19, 2013


  I have been in a total blogging slump! Its so much easier with as crazy has our life is these days to do a quick Facebook or Instagram update instead of sitting down to blog. Oh well season of life! (that was for you J)

We had a busy weekend with lots of fun and not much work YAY!! Gigi came Saturday morning and the boys were so excited. We ran some errands, ate lunch out, and tried to shop. We picked up Aunt Em's birthday cake and celebrated Saturday night with steak and Em's favorite buttercream and buttercream from Olexas.

Jack was VERY determined to get Em a gift that was just from him. You could tell he thought about it long and hard and was very particular when we told me she needed earrings and a bracelet. After some coaxing mom and I finally talked him into some cute silver earrings and he was happy since they were shiny! I told Em she could thank us for not letting him get the ugly heart necklace or the granny Christmas brooch! Henry begged to get her a Dora shirt, but since those are not made in adult sizes she got a cute spring shirt from Target instead.

Sunday The Downs came into to town for the day! The boys were wild and kept Caden running the entire time. The kids exchanged Christmas gifts and we ate pizza. We were so glad to see them since it had been WAY to long!

We love our Gigi and the entire Downs crew and we miss them being here!

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