Thursday, February 21, 2013


  We hit some MAJOR milestones this week and I do not want to forget them!

MK has officially moved upstairs to her room and her bed. I cried, she doesn't like it and honestly I am not sure I do either. She is my last little bitty and it was hard to see her in that big bed!! Thank goodness for video monitors! 

MK had her first bites of cereal and she is not in love but she didn't cry either. As for a bottle she is totally not a fan! 

Jack has gotten so opinionated about his clothes. I am so sad to see the end of smocked clothes and gingham pants. I guess this summer we will be sporting polos and khakis.

3 years ago I let faith and a little support lead me into a business that I NEVER dreamed would turn into what it has. Tootlebugs is one of my babies too and when I started on Facebook 3 years ago I set goals for this little venture. Some were big and some were small, but at the time I thought 5,000 fans on Facebook would mean we had hit the big time. Well we are there!!! We did it! I am beyond humbled and thankful at what God has done for me and through me with this business. I am thankful my sister gets to come along on the ride and I am thankful for all the new friends I have made along the way. My family has supported us and my kids get to come with me to work everyday! What more could I ask for! WE DID IT!!!!

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Grannie Rains said...

Congratulations on the business and enjoy the mile stones in life.
Love, Carolyn