Friday, January 4, 2013


  I know MK is 3 months old today and I promise her post is coming on Monday, but I really felt like I needed to write this post today.

About a month ago MK woke up about 1am fussing. It was unusual for her at that time, but I just assumed she was hungry. So I got up, changed her diaper and went into the den to watch TV while she ate. As I was walking into the den I kissed her forehead and it was very warm. It scared me just because its never good when a baby that small has a fever, but I did not want to freak out because she had just had her 2 month shots 2 days before. I woke J up and we checked her temp in her ear first. I knew we would have to check in her bottom to get an accurate read, but I didn't want to do that if she was fine, well she wasn't. So after a rectal reading, a trip to Walgreens for infant Tylenol, and a phone call to the on call nurse which led to me saying I was not bringing a newborn to the ER in flu season and that my doctor needed to be called to tell me what to do. Of course they just wanted me to watch her and bring her in 1st thing the next morning to their office. 

I prayed all night long for my sweet girl. I begged and pleaded with God to just please let her be okay. I waited so long for a little girl and I wanted to keep her safe in my arms. I prayed the entire trip to the doctors office and had a peace when I went in. My doctor is amazing and I trust her 100% so when she said she just felt like she needed to cath her and check her urine I completely trusted her. She did and MK did great, better than me! Thankfully my doctor prays every morning before she goes into work because the quick test showed bacteria in her urine. They sent it off and started her on strong antibiotics. We shots for two days, a week of oral antibiotics, and then went for tests the morning after Christmas. The ultrasound was normal, but her VCUG came back that she had Grade 4 kidney reflux (Grade 5 is the worst and Grade 1 the better option). 

So the quick version is that it all this was completely in God's hands before I ever even realized it. My doctor said she would most likely never cath a 2 month old with a fever and no other symptoms, but she just felt a strong urge to do so. We also got in to see a Pediatric Nephrologist within 2 days who just so happened to have been our pediatrician's attending when she was in med school. We met with him yesterday and he was so positive. We really felt at peace about everything. Our questions were answered and our doubts were put to rest. Yes we are going to have to deal with some mere inconveniences and yes MK does have a kidney that does not work properly and has some damage, but I am choosing to Rejoice today because she is a perfectly happy and mostly healthy 3 month old. 

We also got the news yesterday that my sweet Gran has breast cancer. Its a road our family has traveled before with my Aunt, but its not one we wanted to go down again. My Gran is so calm and optimistic about it and for that I am thankful. And tonight when I saw a pillow at Hobby Lobby that said Rejoice on it I remembered to stop and rejoice even in the midst of this storm. I can rejoice that my Gran has gotten to meet and love on all three of my babies, I can rejoice that my mom and her sister are close to my Gran and are willing to take care of her and I can rejoice that I have a sweet Aunt who took her time early Thursday morning to pray over the phone with her husband for us and for my sweet baby girl. For those things I Rejoice. 

I know how lucky I am and for that I will spend this year Rejoicing for all things even the bad. 


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Grannie Rains said...

Praying with you and your family.
God gives us strength and peace during a storm.
Love, Carolyn