Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random List

  1. Jack is such a big boy! He talks and carries on a conversation with me like he is an adult. The words he uses AMAZE me!
2. Jack LOVES his sister. He told me he was going to marry her. I explained that you don't marry your sister and he looked at me with the most concerned look and said "Well then who gets to marry her?"
3. Henry is all of a sudden talking like crazy. Its took awhile, but now he doesn't stop.
4. Henry is into everything. Climbs up on the counter in the kitchen sink, water on, fully clothed!
5. MK is laughing a lot now and she is such a happy girl. She wants to me talked to all the time, but we don't mind.
6. Our life is chaos. I have learned my limits and what I can and can not do right now in this season we are in. 3 babies in 4 years is alot, but it totally annoys me when people say Oh My Gosh you are crazy. Yes, maybe we are and maybe its VERY VERY busy, but its fun and I am lucky and I would not trade a single day. (okay maybe just one for some sleep)
7. J has been very helpful lately. He cooks dinner and does baths almost every night. He makes a good partner!
8. I am the head co-chair of the consignment sale that is at our church this year. Its ALOT. I am learning WAY more than I ever wanted to know about church politics and personalities. Its been fun to meet new friends, but its ALOT!! Maybe would have been a better job next year when I don't have a newborn.
9. I am having major withdrawals from seeing the Downs. It seems like we are busy or they are busy and we can not seem to get it worked out. MK is almost 4 months old and they haven't seen her since she was born. I don't like it!
10. J and I are going to see Seinfeld at the BJCC in March. I am looking forward to it.
11. My Gran is doing great! She had an appointment with the surgeon today and he was really pleased with her progress. She is one tough cookie!
12. Aunt Em finished and shipped her biggest order EVER! I am so glad for her that its done. Funny how I feel relieved too and it wasn't my order.
13. Jack is playing Spring soccer. I can't wait to watch a bunch of 4 year olds play soccer.  

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