Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in Review

  This past year brought us lots of surprises, adventures and firsts. It was also filled with lasts, tears, and thankfully some realizations that brought us lots to look forward to in 2013. So just for fun lets recap, shall we??

January brought a big shock and secret that we would wait 2 whole months to share. Jack wore a 
long all for the last time signaling the end of his baby era.

February included my first Jimmy Buffet concert and a new playground at Pop's house.

In March we took a trip to the happiest place on earth, celebrated 10 years of marriage, and made a BIG announcement.

 J celebrated the big 3-0,we experienced our first Indy car races in April,and had a wonderful Easter.

May brought us the exciting news that we were finally adding some pink to our all blue house, I celebrated my 5th Mother's Day, and Jack got out of school for summer.

In June we had our first swimming lessons and Jack learned to swim, J celebrated his 5th Father's Day, and I went on my fastest EVER furniture shopping trip that resulted in the most beautiful baby bed I had ever laid eyes on.

July was HOT! We did lots and lots of swimming and made new friends.

August brought a fun, but very rainy beach trip and an the cutest baby shower with the best of friends. In August Jack wore his last diaper FINALLY!!

September included Henry's first day of school, Jack's 4th birthday at Chuck-e-Cheese, and I finally was "in my thirties" Tootlebugs hit it big time with our first television interview at 9 months pregnant. (Oh so lovely)

October was the highlight bringing a beautiful healthy baby girl, Jack's first sleepover and singing in church. We celebrated MK's first Halloween and went to a fun Halloween party.

November brought summer weather and lots of park time, Jack's first road trip with Aunt Emmy and a wonderful Thanksgiving with J's family.

December came with lots of chaos including Henry's 2nd birthday, Our first Polar Express, and MK's first Christmas. Tootlebugs finished the year with almost 5,000 facebook fans and more etsy sales that we cared to count. It was our best year ever even though my maternity leave lasted 4 whole months! 

God blessed us more than we could ever thank Him for and we can not wait to see what He brings us in 2013! 


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