Monday, October 22, 2012


  Pop came over Friday afternoon and got the boys for the weekend. They both were sooo excited to go especially since Tiff was home for the weekend. That meant lots and lots of undivided attention!!

They ran and played the entire weekend. Took a "ride" in Pop's boat, played at Bass Pro, learned new games on Pop's phone, and were worn out when they got home!

We opted for an early bath and a movie with popcorn and cookies for dinner and both boys were sound asleep by 7pm last night!

J and I did not know exactly what to do with ourselves with only one baby at home. It was way to quiet!! I did get to sleep a little extra, and since MK has reflux, there is not much of that going on these days. Its funny how you can function with 4 hours of sleep and not miss a beat when you have more than one child at home. 

I was so thankful for the rest and time with J and MK, but its back to a busy week this week. 
Yay for an amazing SS class and lots of dinners which has helped a ton!

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