Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Life Lately

  I am not sure where all my time went when we added one little tiny baby that sleeps a lot (during the day) into the picture, but boy did it ever go away. I can not seem to stay caught up. I think I also had forgotten that with your 1st baby you can just stay home for at least 6 weeks and you get to sleep when they sleep anytime day or night. Well with two boys who are on the go, its just doesn't work that way and this weekend was no exception. We were on the go non stop until the stomach virus hit me in the middle of the night last night. YUCK!!! From what I have heard it passes quickly and I am so hoping it does so I can get back to normal by tomorrow.

Our friends opened a new restaurant on Monday and they invited us on Saturday for lunch to try it out. It was yummy and the boys had the best time. They colored, danced with the workers, and drew all over the chalkboard wall. If you get a chance you have to try Mooyah out. (their sweet potato fried and Peanut Butter Cup milkshake might be the two best things on the menu!)

Saturday night was the big annual Halloween party at the Oatridges. Sara Ann goes ALL OUT and its always so much fun! The boys love getting dressed up and playing with their friends. We did not stay long since we had MK and Jack had to be at church at 8am the next morning to sing. Jack was a ninja and Henry and his friend Charlie were oompa loompas. They might have been the cutest little things at the party!

This is the first year Jack could do choir on Wednesday nights and he loves it. Sometimes its hard to get everybody back out after school and naps especially when J is not home, but after seeing how much he enjoys it I could not make him miss out. 

They did a great job singing their two songs and Jack did not pick his nose or act out or anything. He was really excited when we saw us and waved, but that was it. When they finished singing before the music even ended a little boy yelled out well are ya'll even going to clap! It got lots of chuckles and I was glad that wasn't Jack! 

Sunday afternoon was trunk or treat at church. We went for about an hour and the boys loved it. It was still sunny and not to cold to get out with MK and since I am thinking it might be tomorrow night I decided we better get our trick or treating in then.

I am so glad its finally feeling like fall around here! Its such a fun time of the year!

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