Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Maggie Kate Day

  We have already kissed our sweet boys on the head and headed to the hospital. Its still dark outside and I think its just now probably starting to sink in that we are really being blessed with another sweet baby today!

Pop is there to greet the boys when they wake up and Jack has already stated what he wants for breakfast and that he will not be changing diapers! HA!

Gigi is on her way and Aunt Emmy made me promise that she gets the 1st picture sent to her phone before anyone else! And, well since she is the best Aunt Emmy ever, I think I have to honor that wish.

The house is clean, the refrigerator is stocked, the nursery is ready (well mostly!).

I am praying for a smooth delivery, a healthy baby, that it is really a GIRL, that the boys will be okay with Gigi and Emmy and that I will not get to antsy at the hospital. I HATE hospital stays and 48 hours there is like an eternity to me. It always seems to get the best of me and I going to try to just enjoy the quiet, a new baby, and J for two days. I like to be doing things and moving around and going and the hospital is sooo boring!

Please say a prayer for us today! We are so thankful for our friends and family who have been there for us as always!

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