Monday, September 10, 2012

Football Time and Birthdays

  I honestly can not believe September is here and almost half over! I did not even realize it was birthday month until yesterday and that NEVER happens! We love to make a huge deal out of birthdays (thanks to my mom who always made them great growing up)  I just haven't given it one thought but I have bought Jack's gifts and put my gift request in to J.

We decided not to do a party for the boys this year with a new baby coming and instead we went on a 2nd vacation to the beach. It was totally worth it and they had a blast, but I still want to make their days special. We  are having a race car cake and our best little boy friends over for Jack next weekend unless MK decides to come early! 

Its also football time and Jack is all into with his daddy this year! We have been equal opportunity in our clothing, but I am thinking we may be sporting more Tennessee wear if Auburn doesn't improve quickly!!

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