Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Thursday

  Its Thursday already and my list of things to do is still too long for my taste! I can finally feel some pressure coming now that I have actually said out loud NO MORE TOOTLEBUG orders! I AM going to enjoy making my 3 stuff for a change and ahead of time instead of the night before we need to go somewhere!

We are getting ready for a little quick trip and hopefully it will include several days of doing nothing but playing on the beach! It will be our last trip without Maggie Kate...that is hard to believe!

Jack has not had one single tee tee accident since Sunday (shhhh I can not say that too loud) we are still having some #2 issues, but I am sooo worn out.exhausted.and frazzled over it this week, but also SOOO thankful it is almost done!! My checkbook is already smiling at the thought!

J sent me a love note in the mail today. Little things like that are the perfect reassurance of why I love that man. I should probably say that to him more often :)

I have been struggling with a friendship I have the last couple of weeks. And I had really prayed about it and what I should do. Yesterday I sort of got my answer as to how I should handle it from here on out and J said something that made it just totally click. He mentioned that its okay to have acquaintances and even those that you really like, but they don't have to be your friend. It hit me like a ton of bricks and he was so right. It also made me realize I should be more grateful for the amount of of true friends I have...more than I could ever ask for ;)

I have to go monogram NOW and stop typing!

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